Culinary Guide Shop's Vision

Menu Development, Recipe Planning, Research and Development Made Easy Through Our Process

In a time of declining food values, we work with those businesses who want to create a better culinary experience for their guests and with those who are bottom line oriented.  Inspired by the guide shops that aid fisherman through the ins and outs of their trade, Culinary Guide Shop is designed to be more than a restaurant consultant, but a partner in your culinary journey. Whether it is a new brand or an existing business, we will lead you through the waters - from sourcing to menu to execution.


Bait: menu, recipes, & training

Knowing the best plan of action is key to a successful launch. “Pantry With A Purpose” is our flagship process that identifies the ingredients to create your most profitable items. 


What does the client want to achieve? 

  • Complete menu revamp

  • Create new recipes

  • Simplify offerings

  • Serve amazing / flavorful food

  • Create craveable menu items

What else can we offer?

  • Training of staff

  • Educational followup

  • Training guides



Tackle: concept, market, & sourcing


After we address your culinary needs, it’s time to create action. We help you implement after the plans have been made.

In this phase, we focus on:

  • Recipe development & testing

  • Concept and menu development

  • Menu value engineering

  • Cross utilization of ingredients

  • Training of staff , Educational followup, Training Guide

  • Advise on market conditions

We don't leave out:

  • Establishing flavor profiles

  • Creating food narrative

  • Revealing food culture for business




After the bait & tackle is set, it’s time to cast - the concept goes into production. We’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to launch your new idea.

to case, we focus on:

  • Implement / Execute / Price / Supply Chain & Sourcing

  • Train

  • Promote

  • Inventory Valuations & Controls

  • Vendor and Pricing Analysis

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Food & Menu Development

  • Beverage Program Development

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