The Queso Truck: Culinary Consulting Experience


The Queso Truck needed menu and recipe guidance to identify flavor profiles and test out menus.



  • The Queso Truck needed recipe and menu development services


  • Researched Queso recipes and concepts across Southwest, Deep South and Mexico
  • Interviewed the Founders to determine Flavor Profile direction and Food
  • Identified Narrative (what do they believe in, are there must haves and are they items that are off limits)


  • Set up a day of R&D with Founders and executed all the ideas circulating the new menu.
  • Vetted items and dialed in core 6 or 7 concepts
  • Documented recipes and established Supply Chain Contacts in LA
  • Traveled to LA to train cooks and finalize all flavor components to dishes.
  • Helped execute the launch of the menu and consulted on kitchen flow and out put model.
Dan Latham