Grassfed Farm Burger


Opening chef for 2nd and 3rd Atlanta units and 1st Asheville, NC unit.

Embedded consultant for multiple culinary projects and lead consultant on recipe database implementation across 10 units.




Identified areas of need and created project scope and timeline for each item.

  • Needed new fry and burger Recipes:
  • New Hamburger bun R&D for company
  • Nutritional information for menu items
  • Recipe database implementation
  • New Soda Fountain implementation

    Tackle / Cast

    • Developed
      • Chicken Burger with smoked Gouda and kale slaw
      • Kale Slaw
      • Pimento Cheese Fries
    • Worked with local Atlanta bakery to create a bun that met the standard and criteria for Farm Burger.
    • Engaged a 3rd party nutritional company MenuTrinfo® that provides certified menu labeling nutritionals for compliance with FDA regulations. Including accurate nutritional facts for your menu items, nutritional reviews, full menu labeling and government compliance consultation from the experts. We are your full-service, rapid-response nutritional help desk.
    • Implemented Compeat (accounting and recipe database across 10 units.
      • Input of all food inventory items (includes vendor info, costing and purchase unit information)
    • Researched all craft soda companies in the US to determine the right fit for Farm Burger’s mission and customer base.
    Dan Latham